Why Choosing the Right Door is So Important

28th February 2020
by James Blackman

When you’re moving into a new home, or even when you’ve been living in the same property for years, chances are that one of the last things you think about is your door. Of course, doors are an essential part of the design of any kind of property. Otherwise, we’d all be seriously lacking in privacy and security. Being able to close the door against the outside world is of vital importance for peace of mind, but there are other factors to consider when you are choosing a new door. If you’ve decided to make some home upgrades, then you need to make sure that you have the doors that match that upgrade. Here’s why choosing the right door is so important.

Appearance and Style

When people sell a property, one of the first things that their estate agent will discuss is kerb appeal. This is about how appealing your home looks when you first see it. That first impression is essential for sellers, but it’s also worth bearing in mind if you want your home to look its best. If your doors are mismatched, worn down, or even the wrong type of door altogether, then the overall impact of that first impression will be dramatically reduced. Make sure that your home looks its best by choosing the perfect door for your unique home.

Security Concerns

If you have a door that is worn or never quite fits right, then you are exposing yourself to unwanted attention from burglars. Doors that aren’t installed correctly or are the wrong design are much easier to open with a crowbar. That’s good news for criminals but not so good for you. It can be very frustrating to discover that you’ve been burgled, but the right door can act as a visible deterrent that will send criminals looking elsewhere. When up to 74% of burglars gain access to a property via the front door, it’s something that you need to give serious thought to.

Improved Efficiency

There are lots of different door designs, and each one is perfect for certain situations. That’s why it’s always a good idea to talk to door professionals for real advice about making the right door decisions. If you’re going for a more dramatic home upgrade, then you’re going to want to look at a fantastic Bi-folding Door for the ultimate convenience. This type of door allows for maximum exposure to the outside world while prioritising energy efficiency by being perfectly fitted when closed. Uninsulated homes already risk losing as much as 40% of their heat through an ill-fitting door, so make sure that you are paying attention to your carbon footprint and don’t dismiss the importance of your door.

Due to the very different types of door designs that are now available, it can be very easy to make the wrong choice of door to suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.  Get your door choices wrong, and you risk affecting property value. Get them right, and your home can be transformed more than you ever thought possible.