Our Sliding doors offer mono, double, triple and pocket track options, allowing for various combinations of both fixed and opening sashes.

Opening Configurations













Effortless Opening

Unique Glide gearing system lifts sashes on the operation of the door handle to deliver effortless opening and closing of panels of up to 400 kilos per panel.

Huge Flexibility

Exceptional structural integrity gives the system huge flexibility. Capable of spanning an aperture of 6.7m wide by 3.2m in height in just two panels, the system is ideal for spanning large spaces.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermally efficient featuring thermal-breaking zone and cross-linked polyamide insulation. Capable of accommodating a sealed unity of up to 42mm including triple-glazed option to achieve U-value as low as 1.3w/m2.K


Multi-point locking and high security cylinders offered as standard. Track options deliver flexible opening and closing of sashes.


Industry leading threshold drainage system along with the system resting on weather seals when closed meaning exceptional weather tightness.


We have developed a standard colour range which maximises the appeal, we’re also able to offer a non-standard choice of 200 RAL colours.

A few examples of sliding doors


sliding-door  sliding-doors4

sliding-doors3  sliding-door2