Solihull, why choose bi-fold doors?

11th July 2019
by James Blackman

Here at Adore Doors, we’re specialist bi-folding door supplier serving Solihull and the wider Midlands region.  We’re proud to have a well and long earned reputation as a reliable and value for money supplier of bi-folding doors alongside our large portfolio of products including conservatories, doors and windows in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Why choose Bi-Folding doors?

Bring the outside in

Bi-folding doors are traditionally slimmer and less visually obvious than traditional patio and French doors. This slimmer frame brings many benefits, as bi-folding doors are built to fold and stack neatly together, instead of opening outwards, saving you space and providing free movement in and out of your home.

These slimmer frames can also really help to open up a proportion of, or an entire wall of your home, bringing the outside in.

A range of sizes and finishes

At Adore Doors, our bi-folding doors are available in an array of sizes, ranging from 1.8 metres to 6 metres wide, depending on your needs.

We’ll have a range of material and pre-finishes available, including aluminium, solid oak, oak-clad and UPVC all offering the highest standard of UV protection… so no matter what your interior tastes, we’ll have the bi-folding doors you’re dreaming of.

Energy efficient

Many of our customers are passionate about energy efficiency, and all bi-fold doors fitted by us at Adore Doors are energy efficient, and if you’re swapping from older doors, you may well notice a reduction in your energy bills.

We know that nothing can beat seeing our products first hand and we love to discuss your plans with you so we can advise on the best solution for your project.

Solihull, come and take a look!

Whether you’re in Solihull or the wider Midlands region, our showroom is located in Coventry, the heart of the Midlands to ensure easy reachability.

We’re constantly investing in expanding our showroom to help you visualise the vast range of possibilities available to you when looking to install bi-fold doors!

We showcase a variety of door and window styles, so if bi-fold doors aren’t for you, we’ll be able to find a suitable alternative.

So come and say hello. We won’t rush you and you’ll be able to take your time viewing over 30 unique displays to get your inspiration flowing! Of course, our hard-earned knowledge will be on hand to guide you through the realities of what is possible and best suited for your space.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.